Free press: the government faces increased criticism is the news

An analysis of news programmes in Hungary, 2017

Médianéző examined the prime time news programmes (which are watched by the most viewers) broadcast by the six most important and most popular politically relevant television channels (RTL Klub, TV2, M1, ATV, HírTV, and Echo TV). The study was conducted between 01.01.2017 and 31.12.2017. The study covered 2,190 news programmes and 51,057 reports for a total of almost 1,520 broadcasting hours.

  1. It can be stated that the contents of the news programmes broadcast by the examined prominent channels proves the existence of a strongly pluralistic media system and the existence of press that is not only free, but is strongly critical of the government.
  1. In the news programmes, the 10 most frequently featured politicians include members of the government and all parties with parliamentary groups: 4 members of government, 2 members of governing parties, and 4 opposition politicians.

The all analyses is here.