International Press Monitoring

Hungary-related articles in the international media, and news about particular industries and sectors have a great impact on Hungarian public life and economy, whether it is the events of parent companies of foreign-owned companies, developments in the European and world markets of a sector, or even the appearance of Hungary in the international media.

International Thematic Media Monitoring and Analysis summarizes relevant world press content every weekday morning and analyses them at specified intervals. The range of press to be reviewed is determined on the basis of political-economic relevance, readability and number of copies, and can be expanded as required.

International Press Review produced under thematic international media monitoring contains Hungarian language summaries of foreign media publications about Hungary. International Press Review includes an executive summary to provide our clients with quick navigation in the world of international news.

Using relevant international media content it is possible to prepare quantitative and qualitative media analyses, which can assist in decision making and the development of effective communication strategies. Our quantitative analyses make it possible to quantify the effectiveness of the client’s communication by providing detailed information as to where, how often and with what media image they appear. Clients wishing to see the full picture may opt for the qualitative analysis which includes detailed content analysis in addition to data.

We monitor the media of the following countries:

Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czechia, United States of America, France, Croatia, Israel, Poland, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia