Media Analysis and Communication Consultancy

Media analysis provides an overview of the client’s media image in a given period by making the published content comprehensible and the success of communication measurable.

Statistics help compare communication with competitors and data from earlier periods, as well as point out any shortcomings. Media analysis also reveals criticism media consumers encountered most frequently and arguments that dominated the agenda, so clients can formulate their response accordingly.

Analysis assists in communication planning, and through objective feedback goals and results can be defined based on measurable data. In today’s information deluge media analysis is an indispensable requirement of professional communication as its lack leads to ad hoc decisions based on impressions.


The analysis is carried out according to criteria by the client, and includes a written interpretation of the media image, as well as data presented in detailed charts and tables. Our analysts will present the media image of the relevant period, point out trends, and also draw comparisons with competitors’ media image.


The first step is to determine the sample by deciding which articles and news items should be included in the analysis. The sample may include all printed and online press news items, and radio and television broadcasts specified by the client, as well as social media (Facebook, Twitter) and blogs if requested. Timeframe can be adjusted as required, and weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual analyzes, or one-offs such as a campaign evaluations are available.

Sample selection is followed by evaluation. Media appearance is evaluated according to criteria set by the client, such as polarity and impact of the appearances or content analysis, and opportunity is provided to incorporate advertising value equivalents and access data as well.

We are proud to work in a completely unique way based on regular large-scale media consumption research, which sets us apart from our competitors.