Thematic Media Monitoring

Morning thematic media monitoring gives our clients an overview of their mentions in the Hungarian media in the previous 24 hours.

Morning thematic media monitoring includes newspaper articles published on the day, radio and television broadcasts from the previous day, and online appearances from the day before and the early hours of the current day. Media monitoring provides one-click access to the video and audio content of news in our own online system, which also serves as an archive.

Media monitoring informs clients about their own and their competitors’ appearances or any thematic news of their choice. Compilation, formatting and dispatch deadline of the materials are flexibly adapted to our clients’ needs. An executive summary of the most important appearances is available on request, and we can also produce written summaries for all appearances in order to provide you with fast and effective information.

Our daytime thematic media monitoring service informs clients about the latest news from online and electronic media. Up-to-date news based on pre-agreed keywords is provided daily at set times. Through daytime thematic media monitoring we can track media events and press releases to help clients get the most out of their media coverage.