Before Campaign Rally: Fidesz is leading 62 percent on Facebook

The parties’ Facebook activity is almost unchanged compared to the campaign launch period , as after a month none of the opposition parties could even approach Fidesz.

More than half of all interactions belongs to them, while on the opposition side, only Gyurcsány’s party has significant activity, thus, the DK became the most efficient one.

There are only two weeks left before the European Parliament elections, so it is becoming increasingly talkative and important for each political party to be able to address their followers. One of the most measurable indicators of the enthusiasm of political camps, including the mobilization of parties, is their performance on Facebook. The more effective a party in social media is, the more interactions (likes, comments, and sharing) it can replace with its Facebook posts, and the more interactions it has, the greater audiences its message can reach. On the verge of the campaign finish the Médianéző Institute once again analyzed the activity generated by the parties’ Facebook pages since the campaign launch period.







Unchanged Fidesz lead


Since the beginning of the election campaign, a total of 1 million 300,000 interactions were triggered by the posts made by the analyzed six parties on Facebook. Compared to the previous analysis, there is no significant change in government party opposition, as Fidesz continues to stand out from the rest by having as much as 684,000 interactions, which is more than half of all user reactions (51 percent). The new feature, however, is that the government party is apparently boosting up its social media activity, as in the past two weeks, the number of triggered interactions made up 62 percent of the responses to the records of all parties analyzed, leaving its political rivals virtually without making any progress.


Gyurcsány’s activism


The battle for the leading position is apparently decided on the opposition side: While until a month before we could see the head-to-head competition of the DK and the Jobbik, by gathering 235,000 interactions the Gyurcsány Party stepped out of its rivals and became the most effective opposition party. (DK: 18%, Jobbik: 14%, 182,000 interactions).