Facebook EP Campaign: Fidesz reached more from less than the Opposition

Through the EP election campaign Médianéző constantly elaborated the activities of parties on Facebook  as the most important media platform used in Hungary. Despite opposition parties spent more on Facebook than Fidesz and invested much in their politicians, Fidesz proved to be the most effective. The dominance of the Gyurcsány party was observed on the opposition side.

Facebook mobilization: Fidesz landslide victory, Democratic Coalition (DK) second place

During the election campaign of the European Elections, the Médianéző Institute analyzed the activities of parties and their effectiveness on Facebook. The same trends were observed in all three previously published analyses, showing that the effectiveness of each political formation on this social media platform remained virtually unchanged throughout the campaign, thus the parties which could have been considered to be successful at the beginning of the analyzed period, retained their leading position, while weaker performers were unable to improve their results even on the day of elections. Overall, the efficiency of the Fidesz official site – with more than half of all interactions (like, sharing, comment) – by continuously holding a significant lead over the opposition parties, while on the other side the DK triggered the highest number of reactions (about 15 percent). This efficiency is reflected in the election results of both parties, which means that parties that most effectively mobilize on Facebook were also able to mobilize their supporters for the elections. As for the losers, all the analyzed parties could increase their number of followers in the social media, apart from the Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik) and MSZP, which lost more of their followers than the joined ones during the campaign period.

Spending: Opposition parties spent more on Facebook than Fidesz

Analyzing the advertising data made available by Facebook shows that in the thirty days ahead of the elections, the parties spent a total of HUF 119 million on spreading their official website entries. Although Fidesz spent the most during this period (HUF 58 million), it is only 49 percent of the total spending volume as the opposition factions spent more than HUF 60 million on their party websites.