Fidesz mobilization is far more efficient on Facebook than at Opposition

Fidesz is mobilizing voters in the most efficient way on Facebook, the most active among the opposition parties is the Gyurcsány party, while the campaign of Jobbik and MSZP as well are seem to be collapsing within social media.

The Médianéző Institute examined the mobilization potential of parties during the last two weeks of the European Parliament Election Campaign on Facebook, between 11 and 24 May 2019.

In the mobilization phase of the campaign, every party placed great emphasis on online Facebook-based mobilization. Facebook is a platform where parties’ mobilizing ability and success can be accurately measured, compared and the performance of parties are based on their interactions (likes, shares, comments). The more interactions on a party’s Facebook page, the more people will receive the message, as the friends of the given user can also see the reaction, and the mobilization potential of that party will be enhanced this way.

Successful Fidesz mobilization

In the most intense and mobilizing period of the campaign, Fidesz was able to mobilize far the most people, since 59 percent of the entire 1.1 million interactions – i.e. 643,000 replies –  were generated by the government party in social media during the reference period. Compared to previous analyzes, this shows that Fidesz stands out from the competition of parties and no opposition formations were able to reduce their mobilization disadvantage compared to the government party.