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Founded in Spring 2010, Médianéző Központ conducts media monitoring and analysis. Backed by modern infrastructure we aim to give our clients high quality information and insight to help increase their competitive edge. From a constant stream of Hungarian and international information we are able to capture our clients’ and their competitors’ media appearances, analyse their relevant tendencies and inform our clients quickly.

In addition to online and printed media, we also monitor television and radio broadcasts. Our infrastructure enables us to monitor mentions in the electronic media as well, and our clients are made aware immediately if they, their competitors or sector appear in the media.

However, in the 21st century this is not enough. Nowadays, real and fake news often spread faster on social networking sites than through official channels. A popular blogger’s opinion appears faster and can carry more weight than an official press conference. Decision-makers must know not only who adopts their messages, but also what others know and think about them, whether it has to do with market competition or public life. That’s why at Médianéző Központ we are committed to monitoring mentions in all major blogs and on social networking sites as well.

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